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Well deserved Crystallizer project award

During every project we are faced with some challenges, but also lots of new opportunities. That is the beauty and the stimulating thing about working in an environment like ours! Commitment is not just one of our core values, it is really in our DNA. Given our competences, our flexible organization and the eagerness to […]

Project in Germany with interesting design element

One of our customers in Germany is integrating a large Combined Heat and Power system with steam circuits at different steam pressures. For this project, Geldof has been commissioned to build 4 stainless steel tanks for the Capacitive Deionization water, as well as 1 CS tank for storage of the condensate. While the tank construction […]

Safety milestone reached @Evos Rotterdam

On the site at EVOS Rotterdam, everything is going well! The progress of the 4 tanks is clear evidence. The jacking of the first 3 tanks is in full swing. The roof plates will soon be installed on tank 4 (if the wind permits). A beautiful piece of craftsmanship, which all employees are proud to […]

Multi-purpose storage tanks at Alkion Terminal Marseille (Lavéra)

Alkion Terminals France has entrusted Geldof with the construction, painting and hydrotesting of 4 multi-purpose storage tanks at their Alkion Terminal Marseille (Lavéra). The carbon steel tanks were built close to their final location and fully dressed with secondary steel and fire-fighting pipework. After painting them, they were transported by SPMT to the terminal  and […]

Smooth conveyor installation @Elecnor !

A few weeks ago we posted about the conveyor belts and bridges, ready for take-off to Gent (@Elecnor). Not only in the shop, but also on site, everything is going according plan! As you can see in the timelapse video , the conveyor was installed very smoothly.     May 5th, 2021

One million safe worked hours for the #sunliquid project

Last week, the Geldof team received from Clariant’s construction management a commemorative plaque to thank us for our contribution to “working safely”, enabling the #Clariant #sunliquid project to reach the milestone of 1,000,000 worked hours without accidents at work. As Health, Safety and Environment are our top priority goals while planning and conducting construction work, […]

Well coordinated and prepared teamwork @Evos Rotterdam

As part of the methanol expansion project at the Evos Rotterdam terminal, early March the first of 4 carbon steel tanks (diameter 32m) has been fitted with the first roof trusses and crown. A job that required the simultaneous use of 2 cranes and multiple aerial platforms in the tank. Of course, all of this had […]