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Laminar cooling tank @NMLK La Louvière

In order to be able to cool the freshly hot rolled strip more efficiently after the rolling process, NLMK La Louvière, a leading strip products manufacturer in Europe, has opted to install a larger laminar cooling tank. It concerns a tank that hangs lengthwise from the hot rolling mill at a height of 10m above […]

Renovation and refurbishment of 3 tanks @ETA

In July, we started working at our client ETA in the Netherlands, where we have been entrusted with the complete renovation and refurbishment of 3 tanks. The tank bottom of 2 of the tanks will be completely replaced and equipped with an annular ring, while the third one will be refurbished with patchplates. Our scope […]

Transport systems @BEE

In Ghent, ELECNOR (Spanish EPC contractor) is building a new heat & power plant on behalf of Belgian Eco Energy (BEE): GWC or “Gentse Warmte Centrale”. The Heat Power Plant will generate carbon neutral electricity and heat from non-recyclable wood waste. This plant uses advanced technologies, including pollution controls and combustion engineering, so the effects […]

New staircase @Team Terminal

Not only Tank Maintenance is performed @TEAM Terminal … When, after blasting the stairs and its frame, it turned out that both were not in a good shape, we were requested by the customer to manufacture a completely new one, immediately adapted to the current standards. So, after the necessary measurements and engineering, our production […]

Great way to end a week at the office

Today we welcomed Studio Brussel at our offices for a day filled with music and good vibes. From 9 – 16h, colleagues requested various songs with a personal message. Admiral Freebee, the mystery artist, played a beautiful acoustic set at our workshop; And during lunch break we discussed our favorite music while enjoying pizza a […]

Major maintenance @TEAM Terminal

As mentioned in this previous post, TEAM Terminal granted us an extension of our tank maintenance contract until the end of January 2023. We are happy to announce that the first concrete assignment after the contract renewal is now a fact. We have been awarded the order for the major maintenance of Tank 921. A […]

Carbon steel storage tanks @Indaver in Hoek

Indaver Industrial Waste Services, situated in Hoek (The Netherlands) and being a company leading in the field of sustainable waste management, has selected Geldof to be part of their expansion project. Our scope exists in the construction of 9 carbon steel storage tanks; whereby 3 of them are completely built and painted at our shop […]

Site-built storage tank @the north of France

In the north of France, we are have nearly finished construction of a tank for the storage of Acrylonitril, as part of the bigger project, called WIMAP. Geldof was responsible for the engineering, preparation, construction and protection of the carbon steel storage tank at the Ineos site in Wingles. After engineering and preparation in our […]

At least another 3 years @TEAM Terminal!

In February, after 3 years of good cooperation, we have been rewarded by TEAM Terminal with an extension of our tank maintenance contract for another 3 years. Meanwhile several large tanks on the site in Rotterdam have had their maintenance works executed by Geldof consisting of a variety of items: new bottoms, roofs, parts of […]