Yara Sluiskil has entrusted Geldof with the “Urea granulation project”

The start of construction activities on site is never a spectacular view. However, this picture represents the start of a very spectacular project. Yara Sluiskil is investing several million euros in the construction of a new urea loading building and truck loading system to replace the old building, which had been in use since 1929. The new building, which is 40m in height and will be finished within a year, will provide Yara Sluiskil with a much higher capacity (from 300 T/h to 1000 T/h) and exponentially faster loading time for transport vessels, thanks to the fully automated system which allows for round-the-clock loading.

The “Urea granulation project“ represents an exciting full scope project for Geldof. General and detailed engineering have just been finished, but we still have a range of activities to successfully execute before the project is ready: civil works, E&I, construction, insulation, piping, firefighting, painting and HVAC are all within or scope and, as such, must all be carefully planned and managed to achieve the projected deadline.

We are honored that Yara Sluiskil has entrusted Geldof with this strategic project.

October 7th, 2016