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YOUCA Action Day: 3 Students @ Geldof

Geldof is pleased to welcome 3 students: Guillaume, Ian and Klaudia as our employees for a day. They committed to join the Geldof team for the YOUCA Action Day, the former ‘Zuiddag’. YOUCA Action Day is a campaign by YOUCA (YOUth for Change and Action) organized once a year which allows over 15.000 Flemish and […]

Pressure for pressure vessel part delivery

Some time ago, Geldof had the pleasure of receiving a new order from a prestigious refinery in Antwerp. After successful collaborations for previous construction projects, the customer decided to entrust us with a pressure vessel. The order: the engineering and fabrication of a new top part for an existing Crude Oil Distillation Tower. Weighing in […]

A peek behind the curtain…

Have you ever looked at the roof of a large cryogenic tank and wondered: “How on earth did they install that?” In that case you’re in luck, because today, we are giving you a sneak peek behind the curtain of one of our projects in the South of France. Enjoy! December 13th, 2017  

YOUCA Action Day

In what is fast becoming an annual tradition, Geldof is pleased to welcome a secondary school student as our “employee for a day”. This year’s student is named Simon, and he joins us today as part of YOUCA Action Day. YOUCA Action Day is a campaign by YOUCA (formerly Zuiddag) organized once a year which […]

Millimeter precision at LBC Rotterdam

Recently, Geldof achieved a new milestone in LBC Rotterdam’s Rainbow Project. On a bright and sunlit day, we installed the first module (berth 1) on the jetty. The heaviest of the two separate modules to be shipped to LBC Rotterdam that week, this structure required some special attention… Module 1 measures 36 meters in length, […]

Geldof fired up for co-firing project

We are pleased to announce that Geldof has recently been awarded another large full-scope fuel handling project. RWE has trusted Geldof with the contract for the fuel-handling scope of the co-firing project at its Eemshaven plant in the Netherlands. The project, which has a contract value ranging in the tens of millions, consists of the […]

Geldof wins major contract for wood pellet handling facility at Uniper Maasvlakte power plant

Engicon nv (Geldof) is pleased to announce it was awarded with the contract for a wood pellet handling facility at the Uniper power plant on the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Uniper recognizes Geldof’s knowledge and experience in designing and delivering fuel handling solutions for the biomass-to-power industry. Having successfully realized various similar projects across […]


Geldof wants to encourage its employees to be healthy and active. Therefore Geldof took part, as a company, in the “Midzomerrun” in Kortrijk. A group of enthusiasts ran 5 or 10 km through the beautifully lit city and were cheered on by their colleagues. June 26th, 2017

Geldof @ ’TEAM Terminal Open Dag’

Geldof took part in the ‘TEAM Terminal Open Dag’. Geldof, the tank maintenance partner of TEAM Terminal, had its ‘stand’ inside a huge, 63 m diameter storage tank, which is ready for renovation. Via a door sheet, visitors could enter the tank, have a peek inside, and enjoy the spectacular view. All precautions were taken […]

Geldof participates World Day for Safety and Health at Work

April 28th is the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. At Geldof this day never passes unnoticed. We take every opportunity to emphasize the importance of safety and health. First, a fire drill was held successfully, followed by a safety presentation by our CEO, Peter Verrept. After the presentation we enjoyed a healthy […]

ETT awards Geldof with major tank expansion project

We are pleased to announce that Euro Tank Terminal B.V. (ETT) has selected Geldof to carry out their ETT4 project. This project, which includes the engineering and construction of 4 large storage tanks ranging from 27.000 m³ up to 60.000 m³, will allow ETT to expand their storage capacity by 174.000 m³. The approach for […]

EBS unveils new unloading installation

In the Europoort terminal in Rotterdam, European Bulk Services (EBS) has just put into use an innovative and large-scale unloading installation. Manufactured by Geldof, this installation is capable of unloading agricultural products, such as corn, grains, soybeans etc. from seagoing vessels straight into river vessels, resulting in higher turnover rates and subsequently, a higher overall […]

Geldof happily announces tank maintenance contract with TEAM Terminal BV

From its earliest beginnings as part of our Storage Tanks services, Tank Maintenance at Geldof has steadily grown into a strong, experienced business unit in its own right. Various successfully executed projects throughout the years have demonstrated our reliability. It is thanks to this reputation as a reliable partner for our clients’ maintenance and repair […]

We Care about fire safety!

‘We Care’ is one of the key components in our corporate philosophy. Our care for our employees’ safety and well-being is exemplified in myriad different ways, from our safety regulations on site and in our workshop to the various safety trainings we offer throughout the year. A prime example of the latter, but far from […]

Early New Year’s present

In the port of Rotterdam, an early New Year’s present drew quite a bit of attention at the start of this month, as 16 brand new stainless steel tanks were delivered by boat and installed onto their foundations at LBC Rotterdam. The 16 tanks, part of the LBC Rainbow project, have a total capacity of […]

Engineering record at Yara Sluiskil

Recently at Yara Sluiskil, a new record was set. We are currently building 3 tanks for this customer, the largest of which measures 25m in diameter. It was the bottom for this tank which was lifted onto the tank foundations in its entirety, thus establishing a new record for the largest prefabricated tank bottom Geldof […]

Working for Change

Today, Geldof is pleased to welcome Sietse as our employee for one day. Sietse is a secondary school student participating in Work for Change, a campaign by Zuiddag organized once a year and which allows over 17.000 Flemish and Brussels teenagers to join the workforce for a day. The money they make in this job, […]

A healthy mind in a healthy body

A healthy mind in a healthy body. With this idea in mind, Geldof took part, as a company, in the yearly race “Rapper dan een ezel” in Kuurne. Three of our runners (including the CEO) participated in the half-marathon, while the 12 other running enthusiasts formed teams of 4 in the relay race. Congratulations to […]

Second tar storage tank successfully taken into service

Tata Steel has commissioned Geldof to replace their existing tar storage tank with two new ones. The total capacity will remain the same, but the two-tank system will make it easier for them to take one out of service for inspection while still remaining fully operational, resulting in a higher efficiency overall. The second tar storage […]

Scrubber tower ready to embark on its overseas journey

This large scrubber tower, which comes fully equipped with complex internals, also fabricated by Geldof, is completely wrapped up and ready to embark on its overseas journey to a South American refinery. This stainless steel piece of equipment, weighing in at an 150 Tons, will be used in the refinery to clean gas of various […]

Two years on site: Geldof Tank Maintenance team celebrates its second anniversary at ETA Terminal

Geldof celebrates the two-year anniversary of its continued presence on site at the Eurotank Amsterdam (ETA) tank terminal of executing tank maintenance activities. Over 25% of the tanks in this particular terminal have received the ‘Geldof treatment’, getting a complete overhaul before being put back into use. In some cases, this is limited to replacing […]

The strength of our company is also in the details

While we at Geldof take pride in our ability to successfully handle large EPC projects, this chassis for emergency generators proves that the strength of our company is also in the details. Geldof was contracted to build 36 of these chassis for a power plant, all welded according the very strict ‘nuclear application’ norms. From […]

Appointment of Peter Verrept as new CEO of Engicon nv

The Engicon Group is pleased to announce that as of 18 April 2016, Mr. Peter Verrept will be functioning as the CEO of Engicon nv (Geldof). He will be taking over from Mr. Dirk Matthys, CEO since 2013, who will move on to new opportunities outside Europe. Chairman of the Engicon Group Mr. Marc Meurisse […]

Geldof books important expansion project with LBC Rotterdam

In their storage terminal in the port of Rotterdam, LBC Tank Terminals have just kicked off one of their key current investment projects. With this wide-ranging project, which was christened “Rainbow”, the company will triple their storage capacity for petroleum products and chemicals to a grand total of 250.000 m³. In the first phase, 16 […]

Geldof raises the roof(s)

Recently, Geldof (Engicon nv) successfully reached an important milestone in its maintenance project for 10 storage tanks in the Netherlands. As part of this project, we were entrusted with the complete overhaul of the roofing plates for two of these tanks, both 60 years old and 25m in diameter. After inspecting these roofs and doing […]

Geldof/G&G strengthens its pressure vessel activities

Geldof pressure vessels – a proud track record For decades, engineering and fabrication of large pressure vessels is one of the core activities of Engicon nv (Geldof). Today Geldof has established a proud track record of successful realizations for the world’s leading principals and contractors servicing the global oil & gas, petrochemical and bulk chemical […]

Transport of 2 storage tanks overseas

Today, two off-site constructed storage tanks are on their way to Ijmuiden, The Netherlands. They left the port of Ostend, Belgium yesterday and will arrive this evening its destination, where they can be unloaded the day after and later on installed on site. The storage tanks were built for Tata Steel in Ijmuiden, The Netherlands. […]

Geldof now member of the iTanks platform

Geldof is now sponsor and active member of the knowledge platform iTanks! iTanks is a network of companies and professionals that are active in the storage tank business. We exchange knowledge and come to new ideas through brainstorm sessions, master classes, congresses, workshops, presence at fairs, etc. May 26th, 2015

Storage tanks to ensure Poland’s energy supplies

Belgian company Geldof (Engicon nv) has started the construction of two gigantic petroleum storage tanks in the Polish city of Gdańsk. The final client PERN ‘Przyjaźń’ Group is investing €200m to build Poland’s very first port terminal. The port project will safeguard the supplies of crude oil, liquid fuels and chemicals in the region. Geldof […]

New tank farm for ADPO in Port of Antwerp

Six months after being awarded the contract, Geldof (Engicon nv) has placed the last storage tank on the left bank of the Scheldt in Antwerp for the new ADPO LLH (Liefkenshoek Logistic Hub) Terminal. The new tank farm has 57 tanks and has given ADPO, a provider of logistics services as well as storage and […]

On site installation for ADPO storage tank terminal started

Things are moving on the site for the new storage tank terminal ADPO in Antwerp. Three weeks ago the first 14 tanks, made of stainless steel, arrived on the site. They were installed in just three days, including the placement of the platforms connecting the tanks. Yesterday another shipment of storage tanks left our quay. […]

Storage tanks successfully placed in Ghent

Last Monday two tanks were shipped to one of our customers in Ghent. Both tanks had a volume of 500 m³ and a diameter of 8 meters. They were placed onto their foundations the day after delivery to the great satisfaction of our customer. Momentarily we are executing the final activities: anchoring the tanks and […]

Spectacular transport for refinery in Antwerp

This weekend a spectacular transport has taken place in the port of Antwerp. A fully-dressed storage tank, 16 meters wide and 12 meters high, was transported from the quay, over the railway, over the main avenue (Scheldelaan) and the median strip to its final destination in a nearby refinery. The tank is part of a […]

Silo for Plastivan installed

Today we successfully installed a silo on the site of Plastivan. The silo will be used for the storage of wood dust and has an inserted floor equipped with an extraction screw which carries off the wood dust centrally.  The silo can hold 300 m³ and weighs 40 tons. It has a total height of […]

Geldof builds 57 tanks for ADPO in Antwerp

The Antwerp company ADPO, a provider of logistics services as well as storage and handling, has awarded a contract to Engicon nv (Geldof), based in Harelbeke, for the design, construction and placement of 57 storage tanks, 34 of which are to be made in ordinary steel and 23 in stainless steel. The tanks will be […]

Geldof nominated Trends Gazelle 2014

The financial magazine Trends has published the Trends Gazellen 2014, its  yearly ranking of Flander’s best companies. This year Geldof was nominated in the category for large SME’s out of the 100,000 companies that are taken up in the Trends Top. Companies are listed according to growth, number of employees and cashflow over the past […]

Storage tank project in Antwerp finalized

Just before the Christmas break the three tanks for our storage tank project in Antwerp were placed onto their foundations. It was a beautiful and spectacular finish of a challenging project. The engineering phase was only started up after the summer holidays. The aim was to have the tanks completed –incl. insulation and painting- and […]

Tank maintenance project finalized

At the site in Rotterdam the roof of Tank7 was placed back onto the tank after the replacement of four full rings of the inner tank and one and a half rings of the external tank. While the roof was removed, all welds were provided with an extra protection by means of angular lines that […]

Shipment of 4 cargo tanks completed

On the 18th of October the second phase of project 26650 was completed. Two cargo tanks have left the loading quay to great satisfaction of our client. Similar to the approach in the first phase, the tanks needed to be lifted by means of 4 cranes (2 x 700 tons en 2 x 400 tons). […]

Geldof successfully renews qualification for Achilles Connexio

Geldof has recently renewed its Achilles Connexio qualification. Our company has been qualified for the Achilles Connexio supplier information system for the utilities sector since last year and is  also a long-time Achilles certified company (since 1995) and Connexio member (since 2008). On behalf of the utilities in Germany, Benelux, Eastern and Central Europe Achilles […]

Geldof nominated for ShortSea Shipping Award 2013

The organization ShortSea Shipping Flanders awarded her yearly prizes in Tuesday, October 15th. This year Geldof was nominated for the ShortSea Shipping Award 2013 for companies thanks to their different transports including shortsea shipping. Seven companies were nominated for this award. Heavy competiton so it seemed aftwerwards with competitors such as ArcelorMittal Logistics Belgium, Jan […]

Succesful construction and installation of pre-acidification tank

In this project we built, tested and painted the new tank on a temporary location. In the meantime the client removed the old tank from its foundation. After our client had finalized the adjustments to the foundation, the new tank was lifted and installed. At this permanent location the internal coating, piping, etc. was applied. […]

3 silos leaving for Sea invest

We are finalizing the three silos for ABT/Imérys for a project in the harbor of Antwerp as we speak. Our scope comprises the complete engineering, including the determination and purchase, of all silo accessories. The silos will be used for the loading of Kaolin onto trucks. Kaolin is a product that is used ia in […]

18 tanks leave for EDF Guadeloupe

The 18 tanks are finalized and ready to leave for the end customer EDF in Guadeloupe. The tanks were loaded onto a pontoon and shipped to Westdorpe (The Netherlands). From there they are shipped to Guadeloupe. In Westdorpe the tanks were subjected to the critical eye of the Man Diesel-FAT-team for the Final Acceptance Test. […]

Geldof ships first 26 tanks for Vopak terminal Vlaardingen

Geldof shipped the first 26 tanks for the Vopak tank terminal in Vlaardingen (The Netherlands). The complete contract includes the construction of 52 tanks of which a large number is isolated. The full order is good for somewhat 3.750.000 kg of metal construction. Each shipping moment consists of 5 shippings and takes about two weeks. […]

Geldof obtains fourth place in Trends Gazellen awards

Every year the financial economical publication Trends selects and awards the 200 fastest growing companies per province with the title of Trends Gazelle. Trends Gazelles make an important contribution to the economical dynamics of their region, they crank up the employment and make use of the necessary innovation. They are an inspiring role model to […]

Electrabel Rodenhuize power station cuts annual CO2 emissions by over a million tons with full switch to biomass

The coal-fired Electrabel Rodenhuize power station near Ghent is now operating 100% with biomass. With a capacity of 180MW, it is currently the largest biomass power station in Belgium. It also offers the best results of all converted power stations with regard to environmental performance. The conversion results in a 90% reduction of nitrogen oxide […]

Geldof obtains OHSAS certificate for health and safety

Geldof recently became the first Belgian company in its sector to obtain the OHSAS certificate. OHSAS is a management system that evaluates a company and its activities based on health and safety. In order to hold the certificate, all projects need to comply with all the local health and safety regulations. The certificate hasn’t yet […]

Creative Geldof plan leads to new multi-million contract with EDF

Geldof, total engineering and steel construction project contractor, has won a new contract with electricity supplier EDF. The work is to replace 18 storage tanks at an electricity power plant in Guadeloupe, a French archipelago in the Caribbean Sea. Geldof distinguished itself with its action plan. The 18 tanks will be constructed by Geldof in […]

Handling wood pellets with zero dust emission

When handling bulk solids, the creation of dust is an undesirable, yet often seemingly unavoidable result. Taking woody biomass such as wood pellets or chips as an example, dust emission leads to production losses, negatively affects the environment and involves a major safety risk in the form of a potential dust explosion. Geldof has acquired […]

Geldof obtained the SCC-P certificate

Geldof is proud to announce that we are now also owner of the SCC-P certificate (Safety Checklist Contractors). We herewith proof that Geldof complies with the rigorous requirements applicable in the petrochemical industry. The certificate covers construction and process-installations for storage and internal handling of bulk goods, liquids and gasses, as well in our own […]

Belgian metal construction company Geldof opts for green growth

As an extension of the mega contract Geldof was awarded last year, the Belgian construction company is now going green: first, some 600 tonnes of made to measure, pre-formed, buffed and painted steel plates will be transported by inland ship in an environmentally friendly manner from Harelbeke to the Amsterdam container terminals. If this goes […]

Geldof works safely – now an unbroken period of 365 days

On 9 May 2010, a first milestone was reached in Geldof’s new safety policy: 365 days long without an accident that lost working time. Geldof’s safety statistics have always been better than its industry’s average. However, people at Geldof found this ‘good score’ totally inadequate. Geldof considers ‘complete safety’ as the only acceptable goal in […]

A new brand …

Geldof has great news for you. Starting today, nothing of ours will look the same as before. This is to present our new logo to you, and our adapted style for communication. We also invite you to delve into our mission, vision and values. October 23rd, 2008